Brave 25 Year Old Saves Entire Kibbutz

Amongst the heartbreak and devastation in Israel, amazing stories of bravery and courage have come to light like the incredible story of Inbal Lieberman, a remarkable brave 25-year-old ex-military young woman who saved all the residents of her kibbutz. Kibbutz “Nir Am” passed the attack without any injuries.

Inbal knew before everyone else that the Kibbutz was in danger. Although she was told that there was no need to panic, she decided differently. She ran between the houses and declared a state of emergency, prepared a work plan to protect the kibbutz and put people in positions to fight on the kibbutz fence.
All the terrorists that came to attack the kibbutz (25 terrorists in total) were eliminated on the fence.

She is a true leader and heroine to us all.

Am Yisrael Chai

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