DIY project helps evacuees to rehabilitate

Last week JNF UK launched a DIY project to build garden furniture for dozens of families who were evacuated from Kibbutz Nirim to apartments in Be’er Sheva. The construction was carried out in cooperation with the community members and is one of a series of projects that we are leading to restore the lives of the Gaza envelope communities.
Elan Gorji, CEO of JNF UK, explained that this collaborative effort is not only intended to meet a practical need but also to give community members strength and a sense of unity in the face of ongoing distress since two members of the Nirim community, Yagav Buchstab and Nadav Poplewell are still in Hamas captivity and five members of the Kibbutz were tragically murdered.
“When the community works side by side, sawing, sanding and assembling, they succeed in discovering their resilience and strength. Each piece of furniture becomes a tangible symbol of their resilience and determination to rebuild their lives.”
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