JNF UK gives the youth of Shlomit the chance to help rebuild their community

Shlomit’s youth, some of whom tragically lost parents in the October 7 attacks, have returned to their beloved village after 4 months and are helping to restore it.
JNF UK was approached to lead the restoration work in the village of Shlomit which is situated 4 miles from the Gaza Strip border.
We upgraded the public areas and built new seating areas with help from the youth of Shlomit.
Yonatan Galon, Director of the JNF UK in Israel, said: “JNF UK is proud to assist in the rehabilitation of Otaf Aza communities. As soon as the residents of Shlomit contacted us, we immediately mobilised to help. We are happy to receive further inquiries from other communities that need rehabilitation.”
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