Green Sunday 2024 – Memorial Forest

Remember Israel's October 7 Victims

JNF UK is planting a Memorial Forest to commemorate those who were brutally murdered on October 7.

This special project will honour the men, women, children, and babies who perished by preserving their legacy for generations.

The time-honoured tradition of planting a tree in Israel in memory of a loved one is both symbolic and heartfelt. Historically, JNF UK, along with other JNF’s worldwide, has been planting trees in Israel since 1901, a legacy we aspire to continue.

The JNF UK Memorial Forest will serve as a living, growing remembrance site of the attacks for generations to come, honouring those who are gone but not forgotten.

This Green Sunday, with your generous support, we can make a long-lasting legacy for the Israeli victims who will never be forgotten.

total lives were claimed
0 +
Civilians were murdered
0 +
children under the age of 18 were murdered
0 +
communities were attacked
0 +


You can contribute towards a tree or other part of the forest and no donation is too small.

Donations from £100 will receive a special commemorative certificate.
Donations from £5,000 will be offered a plaque.

The table above sets out examples of what each donation amount could buy and is not intended to be an exhaustive list.
Individual donations will be applied towards the project as a whole.

Statistics were taken from the AOAV website


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