Israel Solidarity Bracelets



On October 7th 2023 the life of every Jew around the world changed, when Hamas terrorists attacked and killed over 1,400 innocent Israelis. 

Many diaspora Jews felt helpless, isolated and wanted to do something that helped and showed solidarity with their fellow Jews in the UK, Israel and all over the world.

During this time schools set up WhatsApp groups for the Jewish parents and families to give support and discuss the issues. James and Lisa Harrison’s two young children, aged 8 and 10, came up with the idea of making blue and white bracelets in support of Israel. They decided to use these school groups and their passion for making bracelets, to raise money for charity and give every Jew and supporter of Israel the opportunity to show their solidarity.

Each bracelet costs £5 and all of the proceeds from each bracelet sold will go to JNF UK projects focusing on healing, rebuilding, and strengthening Israel and its people.

They have a whole team of family and friends helping – from 8 to 80 year-olds – making each bracelet by hand and with love.

“I feel great having a way to demonstrate my solidarity with Israel through wearing this bracelet without having to march on the streets every day”.


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