Mental Health Support


SafeHeart is a non-profit organisation created in the immediate aftermath of the Nova festival massacre and dedicated to supporting its survivors.

More than one in 10 of the revellers of the Nova Festival (attended by 3,600) were murdered on 7th October. 40 others are still held hostage in Gaza.

Those who did survive recount being hunted down for hours in the wilderness, shot at with live guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and watching helplessly as those caught were killed at point blank, dragged away as hostages or raped.

These (mostly young) survivors need specialised care from trauma experts to help prevent the long-term debilitating impact of post-traumatic-stress-disorder.
SafeHeart’s mission is to connect them with licensed and certified mental health professionals. They are already helping 750 survivors and hope to soon be able to help most of them.

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Maslan has been supporting victims of sexual violence for over 30 years, providing free, confidential, expert care. Since October 7, in addition to their usual work, therapists and other staff have been overwhelmed, as rapes were perpetrated on most sites of the October 7 attack.

Among those who desperately need Maslan’s help are not only the women who were raped on October 7, but also the witnesses of these rapes and family members who do not know how to help. For many other women, October 7 was a trigger that reactivated past trauma caused by sexual assault. 

  • Evacuees displaced by October 7 and now living in cramped quarters in hotels who are victims of sexual assault or domestic violence or fear that their children are victims of sexual assault.
  • Increase in violence and trauma amongst youth due to the exposure of violent content on social media.

Please donate today so that Maslan can continue providing victims of rape and sexual abuse with the care they so desperately need.


For 8 years, Sunflowers has been a sanctuary for children and young people across Israel, when they have been going through bereavement or have been orphaned. Since its creation, the organisation has been a shining beacon of hope for these children, providing them with the support and resources required to help them cope with their grief and regain their strength.

All orphaned children are very vulnerable. Research shows that they are at greater risk of addiction, dropping out of school and even prostitution. The children who became orphans on October 7 were also deprived of the chance to say goodbye to their parents and often lost them in horrific circumstances. Their trauma has many layers.

Sunflowers’ goal is to open five new centres in the south of Israel for 150 orphans who have lost their parent/s in the current war. The focus will be on Ashkelon, Ofakim, Sderot and the Gaza envelope, in addition to a Negev Bedouin community in Rahat as these communities were among the worst affected by the events of October 7.

Please donate today so that Sunflowers can implement its long-term recovery programme and give orphans a better future.


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