Preparation for supporting communities in extreme situations

If the war in the north escalates, thousands of missiles may fall on Israel every day. This is expected to lead to extensive damage to infrastructure and many residents will be without electricity for long periods, without running water, without regular communication, and making travel extremely difficult.  

In addition, there are expected to be many destruction sites, i.e. civilian structures damaged by missiles, and it will be necessary to assist in the rescue and provide initial treatment to the physically and mentally injured. As well, large parts of the population will be in shelters for long periods of time therefore needing a variety of assistance. The emergency forces, first responders and local authorities will need help from volunteers to ensure a good response to the civilian population. 

JNF UK has supported communities in the south suffering from decades of missile attacks and is therefore experienced in supporting communities in need. We recognise that our preparations for an emergency situation are more important than ever. We will provide:

Disaster Relief Units (DRU): 

A few years ago, JNF UK established DRU – a volunteer project for emergency assistance in Israel. The project includes:  

  1. Equipment for Assistance – located on trailers. This equipment is essential when an emergency situation begins, there is an immediate lack of means for assistance, shops are closed and there are products that can take a long time to bring to the required places. 
  2. Volunteers – In times of emergency, the Israeli population is strong and cohesive and tries to help as much as possible. 
  3. A meticulous operating procedure  – built in advance to deal with emergency situations.


Emergency kits:

Given the current security situation in Israel, it is evident that there is still a threat to its residents who may find themselves under a widespread attack, with thousands of missiles falling on many cities for many days. In such a scenario, many residents might become disconnected, without access to water, electricity and communication. This situation could occur without warning. 

JNF UK is purchasing emergency equipment to aid communities and their citizens to ensure fast and efficient support. Approximately 5,000 pre-prepared kits will be assembled and when the need arises, will be distributed to the most affected households primarily in the north. This will offer a sense of security and an immediate solution to individuals facing emergency situations for an extended period.  

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