Supporting children in Ashkelon

Ashkelon was partially destroyed by the October 7 attack. Rockets rained down relentlessly on the city, overwhelming the Iron Dome, setting buildings and cars on fire and depriving its terrified inhabitants of key infrastructure; supplies of power and clean water stopped. Many families were forced to move into shelters where they remained for weeks as rockets continued to fall on Ashkelon long after October 7.

Ashkelon is the most targeted city, so the threat of rockets created a sense of great fear among the children. To address this, the city has introduced a holistic programme for children across all age groups, with the aim of developing mental resilience. The aim is to create a system that provides protection, education, and supports mental growth.

The Askelon Foundation are operating programmes in schools designed to help the children of the city process the past few months and acquire the tools to manage their emotions. These include shows for the younger ones and social activities for the older ones (who have suffered greatly from the isolation of life in shelters). 


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